Ocean Shipping vs. Air Freight: Which is Right for Your Shipping?

You make several decisions every day, but if you’re in the logistics industry, you should take extra care to make decisions about how you want to transport your shipments. Sometimes it becomes complex and confusing as the differences between ocean and air freight are seemingly apparent. Our article on ocean shipping versus air freight will help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of each and guide you on which is the best for your upcoming shipment.

Selecting which one is better would be undoubtedly an ongoing discussion. Both of them have their pros and cons and because of this companies or businesses must utilize both to fulfill their requirements on the basis of deadlines and budgets.

Air Freight versus Ocean Shipping

To help in the decision-making process of the ocean and air freight, the following factors are considered imperatively.


In almost all businesses all over the world, the cost is the main factor as far as the shipment is concerned. Ocean freight provides a larger capacity and is less expensive compared to air freight. Whereas air freight is safer and faster, but it is more expensive.


The shipment time is as important as compared to the cost of the shipment. Ocean freight is not a good idea if you consider time sensitivity. Along with a long and time-consuming journey, it is also important to consider the customs and port delivery along with weather conditions. So, air freight would be a better option as far as speed is concerned.


It is also important for businesses to check whether or not their shipments deliver safely. Freight forwarders need to be very careful to pack the goods in order to avoid further damage.


Goods accessibility is an important factor when choosing a type of transport and with this criteria, air freight is the best option. The procedures for air cargo are very well organized and the downtime is very less due to fewer frequencies.

The primary objective of the mode of freight is to ensure that the shipment reaches its destination within a targeted time and nominal price.

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider for selecting to ship your goods by sea or by air and they include cargo characteristics, environmental impact, cost, and schedules.

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