Air Freight Shipping: When Does It Make Sense?

Air freight shipping nowadays plays a key role in the majority of businesses; however, it is not used more often than truck and ocean shipping.

Some customers never consider air freight because of its cost and the documentation required. Air transportation is considered when the timing is essential. It mainly sends your vehicles or expensive household goods internationally via air.

Air freight is the fastest method to ship parcels and packages to their destination. Air cargo solutions are handled by highly qualified persons to manage the air freight with extra care.

The main factor to choose this shipping method is speed and time. Your shipment can be delivered to its destination within 24 hours. The charges of air freight generally are three or four times costlier than trucking or ocean shipping. That is why users will have to reserve their goods. Many companies choose air transport very rarely as part of a multi-mode solution because of the high cost.

One transport factor that cannot be missed these days is sustainability. Security plays a key role in the air freight process as every checkpoint is managed by highly-trained airport staff.

This type of shipping generally is costlier than ground shipping because of its fastest delivery option. Airlines spend a lot on fuel, highly trained workers, and tight security measures, so your business can expect to pay a higher price than you would normally pay for ground shipping.

Things to be Taken Care of When Transporting by Air Freight

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If you are planning to ship your goods by air, the following things will need to be taken care of:

  1. Safety: Safely shipping risky material by air cargo is done with perfect handling and proper transportation. Agencies should follow all the regulations ensuring that the highest safety protocols are followed. They should keep the load safe and secure at every stage of its journey.
  2. Take Care with Packaging: The goods transported via air cargo go on a long journey, so it is also important to package them properly. During transportation via air shipping, it is handled many times by different staff and it will increase the chance of damaging the parcel.
  3. Speed: This mode of shipping is the fastest way of transportation locally or globally. Users will pay more charges to deliver their goods at a given time and air transportation is a fantastic solution for this.
  4. Measurement check: Measurements of every good should be properly checked. It is important to avoid extra charges and exact measurements are compulsory to calculate air cargo fuel usage.

When to Choose Air Freight?

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It is recommended to select air freight when the shipping cost is less than about 20% of the value of the goods. If you are searching for faster, more secure, and safer shipping options, air freight would be better. Shipments at the airport undergo more safety and security checks compared to other modes of transport. Despite the higher charges, air freight can provide an awesome return on investment, even for a smaller shipper.

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