What is drayage service and why is it important?

It makes you confused when searching the acronyms for drayage trucking. Are you jumbled, “what does drayage trucking mean? If you want to know more about what drayage trucking is, you must first understand the question, “what does drayage mean?”

What is the purpose of drayage?

Drayage trucking is a phrase used in centre to describe a different logistic service within the container shipping field, which carries freight and goods a short distance, typically within one region or city. It is an essential component of the logistics industry, subdivision of intermodal transportation and a crucial component of the logistics industry. Drayage does mean a payment charged for those services or the vehicle used to collect goods or shipments at a port or border.

Role of Drayage in Intermodal Shipping

Most intermodal shipments are shipper and packaged within institutionalized shipping containers that can be transferred easily within modes of transport without having to be unpacked. Drayage services will work as a connecting point between each junction in a supply path of intermodal shipping process. Drayage services will be used to transport shipments from a port’s receiving terminal to a trucking terminal where it can continue onwards until the final destination is reached.

What are the major types of drayage?

There are many types of drayage services that you should know if you intend to select the right one for your shipment. Following are a number of particular categories of drayage. According to the IANA, there are six categories:

Expedited drayage: It is commonly used for quick transportation for freight containers. It is mostly applied to time-sensitive logistics or when shipping companies provide same-day shipping services.

Inter-carrier drayage: This mainly involves the transportation of goods between different carriers and transporting goods to two different places that are owned by the same carrier. 

Intra-carrier drayage: Intra-carrier drayage involves transportation of cargo from an intermodal hub to a rail hub.

Pier drayage: It is commonly used to shift large cargo to a loading dock or pier. It is the process of shifting cargo and shipping containers by truck from a train station to a dock.

Shuttle drayage: This type of drayage involves transporting an intermodal unit to a temporary stopping point. This is mostly used due to overcrowded shipments at the hub.

Door-to-door: Delivery from the sender to the retail customer directly by a truck or container. This drayage is used to transport containers from the manufacturer to the customer using the roadways.

What is the importance of drayage trucking?

Drayage is an important service of logistics because it allows transportation companies to ship their shipments over longer distances in a more cost-effective manner. It also will help customers decrease costs associated with the usage of containers to pull freight.

How is drayage charged?

The drayage charges include the machine needed to transfer a container, the driver, the truck, and often a place to store the container. Charges arise per day until the container is imported.

What type of drayage for shipping will you select? This will entirely depend on the shipping requirements. When you deal with a reputed logistics company, you will be able to discuss your freight shipping needs and they will guide you based on the information provided by you for the type of drayage services that will best suit you.

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