Everything You Need to Know About Air Cargo Transport

Discriminating between on-road shipping and air freight can be a difficult choice for any business. So what makes air freight such a fantastic option? As far as international shipping is concerned, you don’t find the option of ground shipping. Air freight is the more secure and reliable option. Air freight service in Canada is also known as air cargo. Here, we’ll explain a thorough guide to air cargo transport for you and all the benefits of having your freight fly the friendly skies.

What Types of shipment or cargo are Transported by Air?

There are mainly two branches of air freight services. General air cargo and special cargo. 

1. General Cargo: This service is generally cheaper than the special cargo service. Transit time sometimes may be longer. The term general cargo refers to items that can be transported individually in one piece. These types of goods are mostly retail and consumer goods (apart from mobile tablets, laptops, and phones), hardware, textiles, dry goods, and more. Most of those would categorize into the general cargo area.

2. Special cargo: This type of cargo requires special protocols for acceptance, handling and loading. Goods that categorize under this type of service usually should be handled with utmost care. The air freight charges for this service are more than the general cargo. The main types of special cargo are dangerous goods, perishable cargo, wet cargo, live animals, time and temperature sensitive products among them.

The Benefits of Choosing Air Freight Services

There are various advantages to selecting freight forwarders internationally specializing in air freight, that is why this type of shipping is so popular.

However, this transportation mode is typically not as cost-effective as other methods, its benefits may outweigh the nominal costs. Depending on logistics requirements and your specific supply chain needs, shipping by air may be the best option for you. Following are some advantages of shifting goods via air cargo.

  • Faster than other transportation methods.
  • Has global reach
  • Providing a high level of safety and reliability with less risk of damage or larceny.
  • Easier to check shipments
  • Doesn’t need as much packaging as road or sea freight
  • Has a decisive plan with dependable inward and outward times that are only affected by extreme weather

If you are searching for the most cost-effective and efficient way to transport goods then you should select air freight services. When you have time constraints or high value of your shipment, air cargo is the best option.

This is not only useful but also fast, safe, and convenient. This facilitates timely transportation of goods that result in significant savings. It eradicates several risks associated with on-road transportation and assures that your shipment reaches its destination on time.

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